Introduction to Machine Learning

Welcome to my machine learning notes. Machine learning is getting popular nowadays. On this notes, we learn about machine learning algorithms. I wish this notes would be useful.

we probably use a machine learning algorithm every day without realizing. For example, every time we use a search engine to search on the internet, it is machine learning. another example, when we use Facebook and it recognizes someone in the photo that is also machine learning. Machine Learning is set of algorithms that try to mimic how the human brain learns.

I believe Machine Learning still a part of artificial intelligence (AI) or the extension from AI. Why machine learning so popular today? I think it because machine learning gives new capability of the computer and it touches many aspects of industry and life. For my self, I am learning machine learning for computer vision. But, I would tell you that machine learning is not limited only to computer vision. we can use machine learning in many other fields.

Here some examples of machine learning.
1. Data Mining
This can be in many fields, such as web click data, medical records, or even biology. For example, Amazon has tons of purchasing data. They want to understand the users better and to serve the users better by providing recommendation system. On medical fields, for example, the hospital wants to make a support system by inputting the symptoms to recognize the disease.
Recommendation System
2. Applications can’t program by hand
For example, handwriting recognition. We just didn’t know how to tell the computer to recognize handwriting characters or numbers. the only thing that worked was having computer learn by itself how to recognize handwriting character by giving some examples.
Handwriting Recognition
3. Computer Vision (Object Recognition)
This is similar to the handwriting recognition. For example, we want to make a computer recognize some objects. We don’t know how to tell the computer to recognize car for example. we just simply feed the computer car pictures and lets the computer learn itself.
Object Recognition
There are still many other fields that machine learning can be applied. There is high demand for machine learning engineer today. I believe this is the right time for us to learn about machine learning.

Last Update: Feb 18, 2018.

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