Machine Learning – Index

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This page will be an index for my machine learning notes. Machine learning materials on this page will refer to Bishop’s Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Book. In addition to this Book, the materials also come from Machine Learning Coursera taught by Andrew Ng. Other sources will be mentioned on the particular page.

0.0 Introduction to Machine Learning
0.1 Supervised Learning
0.2 Unsupervised Learning (Coming Soon)

Language : [English][Bahasa Indonesia]

Halaman Ini adalah daftar isi dari catatan Machine Learning saya. Materi Machine learning yang ada pada halaman ini mengambil referensi dari Buku Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning dari Bishop. Sebagai tambahan saya juga mengambil materi dari kelas Machine learning Coursera yang dibawakan oleh Andrew Ng. Jika ada sumber-sumber lain akan disebutkan pada halaman terkait.


Last Update : Feb 18, 2018